Best Chef Knives- The knives that stand out as the best chef knives world wide.

These are 5 of  the Best Chef Knives out there. Chefs and cooks alike gave their votes on which chef knife is the best. And the winners are:

Best Chef Knives 1 : Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife 40520 The King of Knives

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

The Victorinox Fibrox ( Also known as Forschner) 8-Inch is a multipurpose chef’s knife. The blade is 20 cm (8 inch) and is 5 cm (2 inch) wide at the handle. It is High carbon, stainless steel blade, hand finished, at Victorinox in Switzerland. A special tempering process is used to produce an edge that can be resharpened over and over again, so the knife can keep its original sharpness, throughout the entire life of the blade.
It was voted “best overall ” kitchen knife by “Cooks magazine”. The blade is stiff yet flexible. It has balance, edge, and value. What more could you want?

Best Chef Knives 2: Wüsthof CLASSIC Cook´s knife – 4582 / 20 cm

Wüsthof CLASSIC Cook´s knife – 4582 / 20 cm

Precision forged from a single blank of steel with bolster and full tang. The cutting edge is amazing, balance perfect, more comfortable and substantial. There is a full bolster/finger guard for safety and protection. The handle is “triple riveted for permanence.”

Caution: cook´s knives purposely have been ground extra thin for the ultimate cutting performance. Chopping through bones will damage the fine edge.

 Best Chef Knives 3: Global G-2 Chef’s Knife

Global G-2 Chef’s Knife

Molybdenum(A brittle silver-grey metal of the transition series, used in some alloy steels) and vanadium (Hard grey metal of the transition series, used to make alloy steels), stainless steel is used for the entire knife. The handle of the knife has been dimpled for a secure grip. This knife is made in Japan.

Best Chef Knives 4: Shun Premier Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

Shun Premier Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

This knife is a hand-hammered Damascus steel blade, the handle is made of pakka wood ( I have described the making of pakka wood in another article, just click on the highlighted pakka wood and it will take you there.)  Hand-hammered finish reduces drag when cutting, keeping foods from sticking to the knife blade. It is dishwasher safe but hand washing and air drying is recommended.

Best Chef Knives 5: Tramontina 8″ Cook’s Knife

Tramontina 8″ Cook’s Knife

This is your most inexpensive, yet still top of the range knives. The blade is made from Damascus Steel. The bolster is reinforced by Solid Stainless Steel. It is sturdy, has a strong broad blade and a fine cutting edge.

All these knives are known as the work-horses, as they are all strong, durable and a multipurpose knife.

The Ceramic Chef knives. Combat Knives.

Credit Card Knife The Best Tactical Folding Knives by Muzitao©

Just looking at the name of  The Ceramic Chef knives. Combat Knives. Credit Card Knife The Best Tactical Folding Knives tells you that the knife is as big as a credit card and the picture shows you that it actually looks like a credit card. It really is a masterpiece of both design and function.

This Credit Card Knife is slimmer and lighter and very compact compared to other combat knives and has a safety incorporated into the design. It is anti-corrosion, durable, easy to clean, FDA/LFGB/SGS Approved and designed with functionality as a prerequisite.

When fully created from the credit card it is 5 13/16th inches (about 15cm) in length. The blade has a flat ground cutting edge and is 2.25 inch (5cm)in legth and the rest is the flexible polypropylene handle which is 1.25 inch (3cm) wide.

What can the The Ceramic Chef knives.  Combat Knives be use for?

Since it is The Ceramic Chef  knives. Combat Knives. Credit Card Knife The Best Tactical Folding Knives so compact that it can fit in your wallet, bag, money clip and pocket it can be used for many things. First thing that comes to mind is food, plastic bags, rope even self defense. I am sure you will find a lot more uses for it.

Here is a video where you can construct your ceramic Chef Knives.  Combat  Knife.

Gerber Serrated Edge Drop Point Folding Knife.

This is an American made knife designed for cutting, prying, digging, and fighting by police officers and the soldiers out in the field.  It has a black ceramic coating which helps to protect it against corrosion and ensures that it has almost no reflective surface.

The handle comprises of a glass-filled nylon and molded with a rubberized diamond texture grip piece, giving it a secure grip come rain or shine. It has a thumb hole for easy one-handed opening and closing with a lock back mechanism giving it structural integrity for heavy-duty use. It also has a limited lifetime warranty, so order your  Combat Knife,  before the expiry date on this offer. Thank you for visiting The Ceramic Chef knives. Combat Knives. You can keep your combat knives extremely sharp with a ceramic knife sharpener which by the way, also can be used for steel knives.

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