All Types of Mattress Topper – And Which is the Best?

You ever woke up one day and instantly groaned at the back pain and the tensed limbs that you would associate with aging? More likely than not, the glory days of the mattress have already been over, and a new purchase means a significant amount of money. A thorough research about mattress toppers can do the trick. It, of course, doesn’t bring a mattress back to its top quality or fix a sagging one, but it will provide enough comfort.

What is a mattress topper?

First of all, you need to differentiate the product we are planning to purchase from others that are available for your mattress.

Covers, protectors and encasements: The main feature of these are protection, they prevent spill stains as well as allergens and bugs from permeating into the mattress. Each manufacturer tends to use their own terminology so you might want to check what the product does or how many sides it covers.

Mattress pads: They are designed to protect, too, but with more padding than the products above and perhaps several other functions, temperature regulation for example. Thus, the sensation they bring and the price to afford them might vary. The category is usually an alternative for toppers but it is actually a whole standalone line of products.

Mattress toppers: The vedette in this article. They are usually much thicker than the previously mentioned products and can be used simultaneously to improve both protection and comfort.

A mattress topper from LUCID

Once you have found the perfect option, it will keep you cosy and comfortable through the night, body temperature and extra support assured. Moreover, a mattress topper prolongs the life span of your mattress by a couple of years before you need to replace it, at a fraction of the cost of a brand new mattress. 

Top 4 Types of Mattress Topper

It’s not at all difficult to find a provider on internet nowadays, yet you should prepare some basic informations, or else the number of sizes, materials, styles and prices will leave you overwhelmed. Hence, it’s time for us to delve into the pros and cons of some most common materials used for mattress toppers. And then, you will be able to grasp a few key factors and form your own decision to find out the best mattress topper for your bed.

Memory foam mattress topper

As the technology of memory foam in domestic use develops, mattress toppers utilizing this material have become the most popular amongst consumers. A high-end memory foam mattress can be much more expensive than you imagine, so a topper is a more affordable choice.

Memory foam contours the outline of your body and cradles it, giving you extra comfort and support.It is polyurethane with chemically enhanced density. So the smell of its might bother you if you’re sensitive to chemical odors, until a few days later, when it has dissipated.
It reduces the pressure applied on your joints or muscles. A great solution for sleepers who suffer back and neck pain.It holds body heat and does not release, sleeper might feel hot. 
It reduces motion from a tossing & turning bed partner. Mobility is decreased.
Vera, activated charcoal, green tea added enhance therapeutic function. Sleepers can gain the deepest slumber.

Latex mattress topper

Latex is foam-based and organic with similar benefits with memory foam but cooler and bouncier, not to mention environment friendly. More ideal for a heavyweight sleeper who wants support along with the bounce.

A latex topper from  Sleep On Latex
Firmer than memory foam but still comfortable.Costly.
Better longevity than than other types.Might feel heavy and difficult to move around.
Not as hot as memory foam.Probably hot in the summer, unless it’s a high-quality topper.
Excellently preventing transmission from your partner’s motion.Initially smelling like rubber and cannot be washed by machine.
Antimicrobial and non-allergenic, if you aren’t allergic to latex itself.

Wool mattress topper

Bid a temporary goodbye to the synthesized polymers and say hello to the very opposite of them: wool, a natural material. Now, a mattress topper made of wool might be not so popular and quite expensive, but there are good reasons to it.

Very soft and comfortable, naturally.Expensive.
Warm in winter and cool in summer, because it can absorb moisture from environment or the sleepers (sweat!).Not good in reducing the motions from bed partners.
Hypoallergenic with no toxic smell of chemicals. Some shaking is perhaps necessary for it to remain soft.
Great durability.
Bed bugs and mites won’t ever bother you.

Feather topper

You can possibly predict the main function of this material. It’s focused on the softening effect to compensate for a mattress that feels too firm and its designs are usually very elegant, giving your bedroom a touch of aesthetics.

Very light in weight with the luxuriously soft feel many will love.Not firm and thick enough for muscular pain.
Less expensive than the first two.Feathers might poke through the surface.
Durable, it might last for several years.An allergen to a certain group of people.
It doesn’t trap the heat, so the temperature regulation is great in both summer and winter.Not able to minimize the disturbing movements of your bed partner. 

In conclusion

After reading through our advice related to mattress toppers, we hope you have managed to obtain a few critical points in order to make a smart purchase. As they say, you get what you pay for, so it’s better to consider your body needs, your mattress, your surrounding conditions instead of going for the lowest price, or you will find yourself unsatisfied with the product and even left with no option but to buy another within a short period of time. Take into account the general value, because when you know clearly what you want and need, your choice can’t go wrong.

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