bookmark_borderLion Premium Grills L75625 32-inch Propane Grill Review

The best built-in gas grills should offer the perfect balance of form and function.

While aesthetic is an important consideration, make sure that performance is not compromised in any way.

With too many options available, some people can also be tempted to decide based on price alone.

However, choosing a grill based on cost can be a mistake. In some cases, you should not mind spending more if it means better quality.

Undecided about the grill that you should buy?

We got you covered in this Lion Premium Grills review. We’ll talk about the Lion Premium Grills L75625 32-inch propane grill.

Main Product Features

To start our review of Lion Premium Grills L75625, let’s take a look at some of the notable features that you will find in this model.
830 Square Inches Cooking Area

If you are looking for a mid-sized built-in grill, this can be a great alternative. This is generous enough to grill up to 40 burgers at a time. Despite this, it is still compact for most users.

75,000 BTU of Heating Power

For a grill that delivers exceptional performance, it is hard to go wrong with this product. With a combined 75,000 BTU, the heat that it generates will be more than enough for most grilling tasks.

Stainless Steel Cooking Grates

The cooking grates are among the best parts of the grill, partly because they are made using premium stainless steel. It is easy to clean, so you don’t also have to exert a lot of effort when it comes to care and maintenance. It is also rust and corrosion-resistant.

Infrared Rotisserie Back Burner

For those who want a grill that can deliver versatility, you will love this. It comes with a rotisserie at the back burner, which means that you can use it beyond grilling. The rotisserie has a heating power of 15,000 BTU.

The Good

If the features above are not enough to convince you, below are some benefits that can compel you to choose Lion Premium Grills L75625 over many of its competitors.

Retains Heat

One of the best things about this grill is its exceptional ability to retain heat. This is important for even cooking. There are many reasons for this, but one would be that it comes with stainless steel grates.

Illuminated Grilling Area

Grilling in a low-light environment can be a headache. Good thing, such will not be a problem with this product. It is equipped with built-in interior lights to provide the illumination needed when you are grilling at night.

Durable Construction

This is one of those grills that are built to withstand many years of use. One of the reasons for this is the use of stainless steel. It can be heavy, but this material is hard to match if you are looking for longevity.

Adjustable Warming Rack

We also love how it comes with an additional space for warming. Even better, it is adjustable. This will also allow you to control the heat that gets into the meat depending on the set height of the rack.

The Bad

To be fair in this Lion Premium Grills review, let’s also quickly look at some of the issues that can confront users.


Weighing 170.1 pounds, this is one of the heaviest that you will find within its class. The installation can be quite tricky, so make sure to ask help from the pros. You also need a solid foundation to support the weight of the grill.


Compared to regular grills, the price of this product can be too much for some. However, this is justifiable given the high-end features and superb performance that you can expect in this product.


As noted in this Lion Premium Grills review, this is an exceptional product that can deliver the best bang for the buck. Never mind the fact that it is expensive! It has a generous grilling area, durable construction, and can deliver even heating, among other benefits. Whether you just started grilling or you are a pro, you will find its features to be better than most of what its leading competitors can offer.

bookmark_borderThe Ceramic Chef Knives Review [2020 Updated]

The Ceramic Chef Knives Review

They wanted to see how well ceramic knives did, so they looked all over the internet and did a review on their findings. My CERAMIC KNIVES did a few tests on the ceramic knives and wrote a review on her findings. Here are some of her findings.

Best reviews of knife sets for your kitchen. You will find the best information as well as guidance to help you make an easy buying decision for the products you need.

Cook N Home 9-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

The Ceramic Chef Knives Review

Cook N Home 9-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

The Ceramic Chef Knives Review– On The Apple

She started with apples and bought a sharp $150 Henkels knife and a ceramic knife. She cut wedges into an apple using the Henkels knife and placed it to one side, then she cut another apple with her ceramic knife and placed it next to the Henkels knife and took photographs at random intervals.

After 15 minutes she saw that the apple wedge that had been cut with the ceramic knife had hardly oxidized at all while the other one had clear signs of oxidization.

The one on the left, cut with the steel knife shows clearly that the apple has started to oxidize while the one one the right cut by the ceramic knife has only just started to oxidize.

She goes on to explain that she had left the apple wedges where they were and went to bed, the next morning she noticed that the apple wedge cut by the ceramic knife had not oxidized any further.

The Ceramic Chef Knives Review

After 15 minutes you can see the results clearly

The Avocado Test

The same test was done on avocado and once again photos were taken at random intervals. As you know avocado’s turn brown quickly after been cut. This test took about 2 hours before you could see clear results. The first photo is when the avocado had just been cut and the second photo is taken after 5 and half hours later.

As you can see there is no discoloring of both avocado’s.

The Ceramic Chef Knives Review

Just cut avocado, left steel knife, right ceramic knife.

Although the results don’t show a dramatic difference there is still a difference.

The end conclusion to both these tests are that fruits don’t oxidize and turn brown as fast when using  the ceramic chef  knives.

I hate having to cut paper thin tomatoes if I do not have the proper knife. Once again a test was done on a tomato to see how thin it can cut.

As far as I am concerned the ceramic chef  knife can cut paper thin slices of tomato.

paper thin tomatotu

The Ceramic Chef Knives review is as follows: The browning of the apples and avocado is a corrosion reaction between the fruit and stainless steel knife. The ceramic knife is less porous and because it is sharper than most knifes it glides quickly through the fruit causing less bruising.

Abundant Chef (TM) Premium 9 Piece Ceramic Cutlery Knife and Peeler Set (6″ Chef’s, 5″ Utility, 4″ Paring, 3″ Fruit Knife, with One Peeler) Black Handle and White Blade, 4 Sheaths

The Ceramic Chef Knives Review

Abundant Chef (TM) Premium 9 Piece Ceramic Cutlery Knife and Peeler Set (6″ Chef’s, 5″ Utility, 4″ Paring, 3″ Fruit Knife, with One Peeler) Black Handle and White Blade, 4 Sheaths


bookmark_borderBest Chef Knives- The knives that stand out as the best chef knives world wide.

These are 5 of  the Best Chef Knives out there. Chefs and cooks alike gave their votes on which chef knife is the best. And the winners are:

Best Chef Knives 1 : Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife 40520 The King of Knives

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

The Victorinox Fibrox ( Also known as Forschner) 8-Inch is a multipurpose chef’s knife. The blade is 20 cm (8 inch) and is 5 cm (2 inch) wide at the handle. It is High carbon, stainless steel blade, hand finished, at Victorinox in Switzerland. A special tempering process is used to produce an edge that can be resharpened over and over again, so the knife can keep its original sharpness, throughout the entire life of the blade.
It was voted “best overall ” kitchen knife by “Cooks magazine”. The blade is stiff yet flexible. It has balance, edge, and value. What more could you want?

Best Chef Knives 2: Wüsthof CLASSIC Cook´s knife – 4582 / 20 cm

Wüsthof CLASSIC Cook´s knife – 4582 / 20 cm

Precision forged from a single blank of steel with bolster and full tang. The cutting edge is amazing, balance perfect, more comfortable and substantial. There is a full bolster/finger guard for safety and protection. The handle is “triple riveted for permanence.”

Caution: cook´s knives purposely have been ground extra thin for the ultimate cutting performance. Chopping through bones will damage the fine edge.

 Best Chef Knives 3: Global G-2 Chef’s Knife

Global G-2 Chef’s Knife

Molybdenum(A brittle silver-grey metal of the transition series, used in some alloy steels) and vanadium (Hard grey metal of the transition series, used to make alloy steels), stainless steel is used for the entire knife. The handle of the knife has been dimpled for a secure grip. This knife is made in Japan.

Best Chef Knives 4: Shun Premier Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

Shun Premier Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

This knife is a hand-hammered Damascus steel blade, the handle is made of pakka wood ( I have described the making of pakka wood in another article, just click on the highlighted pakka wood and it will take you there.)  Hand-hammered finish reduces drag when cutting, keeping foods from sticking to the knife blade. It is dishwasher safe but hand washing and air drying is recommended.

Best Chef Knives 5: Tramontina 8″ Cook’s Knife

Tramontina 8″ Cook’s Knife

This is your most inexpensive, yet still top of the range knives. The blade is made from Damascus Steel. The bolster is reinforced by Solid Stainless Steel. It is sturdy, has a strong broad blade and a fine cutting edge.

All these knives are known as the work-horses, as they are all strong, durable and a multipurpose knife.

The Ceramic Chef knives. Combat Knives.

Credit Card Knife The Best Tactical Folding Knives by Muzitao©

Just looking at the name of  The Ceramic Chef knives. Combat Knives. Credit Card Knife The Best Tactical Folding Knives tells you that the knife is as big as a credit card and the picture shows you that it actually looks like a credit card. It really is a masterpiece of both design and function.

This Credit Card Knife is slimmer and lighter and very compact compared to other combat knives and has a safety incorporated into the design. It is anti-corrosion, durable, easy to clean, FDA/LFGB/SGS Approved and designed with functionality as a prerequisite.

When fully created from the credit card it is 5 13/16th inches (about 15cm) in length. The blade has a flat ground cutting edge and is 2.25 inch (5cm)in legth and the rest is the flexible polypropylene handle which is 1.25 inch (3cm) wide.

What can the The Ceramic Chef knives.  Combat Knives be use for?

Since it is The Ceramic Chef  knives. Combat Knives. Credit Card Knife The Best Tactical Folding Knives so compact that it can fit in your wallet, bag, money clip and pocket it can be used for many things. First thing that comes to mind is food, plastic bags, rope even self defense. I am sure you will find a lot more uses for it.

Here is a video where you can construct your ceramic Chef Knives.  Combat  Knife.

Gerber Serrated Edge Drop Point Folding Knife.

This is an American made knife designed for cutting, prying, digging, and fighting by police officers and the soldiers out in the field.  It has a black ceramic coating which helps to protect it against corrosion and ensures that it has almost no reflective surface.

The handle comprises of a glass-filled nylon and molded with a rubberized diamond texture grip piece, giving it a secure grip come rain or shine. It has a thumb hole for easy one-handed opening and closing with a lock back mechanism giving it structural integrity for heavy-duty use. It also has a limited lifetime warranty, so order your  Combat Knife,  before the expiry date on this offer. Thank you for visiting The Ceramic Chef knives. Combat Knives. You can keep your combat knives extremely sharp with a ceramic knife sharpener which by the way, also can be used for steel knives.

bookmark_borderAll Types of Mattress Topper – And Which is the Best?

You ever woke up one day and instantly groaned at the back pain and the tensed limbs that you would associate with aging? More likely than not, the glory days of the mattress have already been over, and a new purchase means a significant amount of money. A thorough research about mattress toppers can do the trick. It, of course, doesn’t bring a mattress back to its top quality or fix a sagging one, but it will provide enough comfort.

What is a mattress topper?

First of all, you need to differentiate the product we are planning to purchase from others that are available for your mattress.

Covers, protectors and encasements: The main feature of these are protection, they prevent spill stains as well as allergens and bugs from permeating into the mattress. Each manufacturer tends to use their own terminology so you might want to check what the product does or how many sides it covers.

Mattress pads: They are designed to protect, too, but with more padding than the products above and perhaps several other functions, temperature regulation for example. Thus, the sensation they bring and the price to afford them might vary. The category is usually an alternative for toppers but it is actually a whole standalone line of products.

Mattress toppers: The vedette in this article. They are usually much thicker than the previously mentioned products and can be used simultaneously to improve both protection and comfort.

A mattress topper from LUCID

Once you have found the perfect option, it will keep you cosy and comfortable through the night, body temperature and extra support assured. Moreover, a mattress topper prolongs the life span of your mattress by a couple of years before you need to replace it, at a fraction of the cost of a brand new mattress. 

Top 4 Types of Mattress Topper

It’s not at all difficult to find a provider on internet nowadays, yet you should prepare some basic informations, or else the number of sizes, materials, styles and prices will leave you overwhelmed. Hence, it’s time for us to delve into the pros and cons of some most common materials used for mattress toppers. And then, you will be able to grasp a few key factors and form your own decision to find out the best mattress topper for your bed.

Memory foam mattress topper

As the technology of memory foam in domestic use develops, mattress toppers utilizing this material have become the most popular amongst consumers. A high-end memory foam mattress can be much more expensive than you imagine, so a topper is a more affordable choice.

Memory foam contours the outline of your body and cradles it, giving you extra comfort and support.It is polyurethane with chemically enhanced density. So the smell of its might bother you if you’re sensitive to chemical odors, until a few days later, when it has dissipated.
It reduces the pressure applied on your joints or muscles. A great solution for sleepers who suffer back and neck pain.It holds body heat and does not release, sleeper might feel hot. 
It reduces motion from a tossing & turning bed partner. Mobility is decreased.
Vera, activated charcoal, green tea added enhance therapeutic function. Sleepers can gain the deepest slumber.

Latex mattress topper

Latex is foam-based and organic with similar benefits with memory foam but cooler and bouncier, not to mention environment friendly. More ideal for a heavyweight sleeper who wants support along with the bounce.

A latex topper from  Sleep On Latex
Firmer than memory foam but still comfortable.Costly.
Better longevity than than other types.Might feel heavy and difficult to move around.
Not as hot as memory foam.Probably hot in the summer, unless it’s a high-quality topper.
Excellently preventing transmission from your partner’s motion.Initially smelling like rubber and cannot be washed by machine.
Antimicrobial and non-allergenic, if you aren’t allergic to latex itself.

Wool mattress topper

Bid a temporary goodbye to the synthesized polymers and say hello to the very opposite of them: wool, a natural material. Now, a mattress topper made of wool might be not so popular and quite expensive, but there are good reasons to it.

Very soft and comfortable, naturally.Expensive.
Warm in winter and cool in summer, because it can absorb moisture from environment or the sleepers (sweat!).Not good in reducing the motions from bed partners.
Hypoallergenic with no toxic smell of chemicals. Some shaking is perhaps necessary for it to remain soft.
Great durability.
Bed bugs and mites won’t ever bother you.

Feather topper

You can possibly predict the main function of this material. It’s focused on the softening effect to compensate for a mattress that feels too firm and its designs are usually very elegant, giving your bedroom a touch of aesthetics.

Very light in weight with the luxuriously soft feel many will love.Not firm and thick enough for muscular pain.
Less expensive than the first two.Feathers might poke through the surface.
Durable, it might last for several years.An allergen to a certain group of people.
It doesn’t trap the heat, so the temperature regulation is great in both summer and winter.Not able to minimize the disturbing movements of your bed partner. 

In conclusion

After reading through our advice related to mattress toppers, we hope you have managed to obtain a few critical points in order to make a smart purchase. As they say, you get what you pay for, so it’s better to consider your body needs, your mattress, your surrounding conditions instead of going for the lowest price, or you will find yourself unsatisfied with the product and even left with no option but to buy another within a short period of time. Take into account the general value, because when you know clearly what you want and need, your choice can’t go wrong.

bookmark_borderBest Offset Smoker Under 1000: 2019 Top Picks and Buying Guide

An offset smoker is one of the classics when it comes to outdoor cooking!

It has a main cooking chamber with a firebox on the side. There is a small hole that connects the two parts, and this is where the smoke enters.

A lot of people prefer using an offset smoker because of its ease of use. It also heats the food indirectly, which results in a better flavor. It is also affordable and versatile.

Looking for the best offset smoker under 1000? Read on and we’ll talk about some of the best options available.

Best Offset Smoker Under 1000

Our Top Picks for the Best Offset Smoker Under 1000

One of the biggest selling points of an offset smoker is that it is budget-friendly!

Even without the luxury of a huge budget, you can get a decent smoker!

If you have less than 1000 dollars to spare, below are the top products that should be on your radar.

1. Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker, Deluxe

First on our list is from a brand that many will instantly recognize.

The global reputation of the manufacturer alone is already a good reason to make it your top choice.

The versatility of this product is one of its best assets. Aside from being an offset smoker, you can also use it for barbecuing and grilling.

You will have generous space for everything that you have to cook in this offset smoker. The main cooking area is 670 square inches. The firebox chamber, on the other hand, is 355 square inches.

To provide a bigger space, it also has a storage rack for keeping your utensils organized.

The smoker provides you with complete control over the temperature. Although, you have to do so manually. There are adjustable dampers that will allow you to customize heat and smoke based on what a recipe requires.

We also love the grates that come with the grill. It is porcelain-coated, which makes it durable. This material can resist rust. It is also known for retaining heat efficiently. This helps to keep the temperature even as you cook.

It can be quite bulky and heavy, but that should not be a problem if you are looking for portability. It comes with two side wheels. This makes it easy to move the smoker from one location to another.


  • High-quality porcelain-coated grates
  • Comes with multiple adjustable dampers
  • Easy to assemble


  • Paint can easily peel off
  • Gap in the box can make smoke escape

2. Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker

If you prefer a vertical offset smoker, this is one product that deserves your attention.

One of the things that we love in this model is the generous space for smoking. It has a total smoking area of 784 square inches.

Inside the smoker, there are six adjustable racks. These racks are also removable. You can customize the height depending on what you will smoke.

To deliver the best in terms of performance, it comes with a 15,000 BTU cast iron burner.

In terms of construction, its body is made of heavy-duty steel. Even better, it has a powder-coat finish to make it long-lasting.

There’s no need to open the smoker to monitor the internal temperature. You can just look at the built-in temperature gauge strategically positioned in the front door. This prevents heat and smoke from escaping.

The adjustable flue in the smokestack makes this unit user-friendly. This allows users to easily control smoke and temperature.


  • Retains heat for a long time
  • Comes with a heavy-duty steel body
  • Generous cooking area 


  • Small firebox
  • Can be prone to smoke leaks

3. Char-Griller E1224 Smokin’ Pro Charcoal Grill

Like most of the options that are included in our recommendations, durability is one of the best assets of the Char-Griller E1224.

The heavy-duty steel can withstand many years of use. It also has a powder coating to make it longer-lasting.

There are features that will provide you total control of the grill.

You can easily adjust the height of the grate. This makes it possible to move the food closer or farther from the source of heat.

In terms of size, this model offers 580 square inches of total cooking area. The firebox, on the other hand, is 250 square inches.

On the side, there is a removable charcoal drawer. This allows you to add more charcoal without opening the main chamber.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid construction
  • Gives users complete control


  • Paint might easily peel
  • Assembly can be tricky

4. Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS1382VCS-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker and Grill

With a cooking area of 1,382 square inches, this is one of the biggest from the products on our list.

It also comes with multiple adjustable grates. You can customize the size of the grates based on what you will cook.

Inside the smoking chamber, there are also pre-installed hooks for sausages.

To easily access fuel and clean ash, there is a removable charcoal grate and ash pan on the side.

For ease of monitoring, you will also love how it comes with an analog temperature gauge. It also comes with indicators for Smoke and Grill Zones.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Generous cooking space
  • Cool-touch lid


  • Some parts can easily bend
  • May not hold heat well

5. Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Size is one of the best things about this reverse offset smoker.

Even when you are cooking for a large group, there is enough space for your needs!

The smoker has a main cooking chamber that is 751 square inches. The firebox chamber, on the other hand, is 309 square inches. That brings the total to 1,060 square inches!

It has four removable baffles that will make it easy to direct the smoke where it is needed.

This is also a great option if you are looking for versatility. With a quick adjustment, you can convert it from a traditional offset smoker to a reverse flow offset smoker.

The smoker also comes with handles that stay cool to the touch.

It is quite heavier than most of its counterparts. You have the size to blame for that! Good thing, it is equipped with two wheels that make it portable.


  • Huge cooking area
  • Easy to remove ash
  • Great heat distribution


  • Expensive
  • Bulky and heavy

6. Outdoor Leisure SH36208 Smoke Hollow Barrel Smoker

This is the least popular from the products mentioned in this guide. However, that does not mean that you should discount the idea of buying this smoker.

It has 970 square inches of cooking area, which is enough for medium to large groups.

In terms of its construction, it is made of heavy-duty 12-gauge steel.

While the body itself is durable, there are some complaints about how the other components can be easily prone to wear.

It has mesh wire front table and bottom rack. This gives you the space needed for warming or organizing your grilling accessories.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Wheeled construction for portability
  • Great for heat retention


  • Some components can be flimsy
  • Smoker box can be prone to leaks

Choosing the Best Offset Smoker

As you choose an offset smoker, below are the most important things to consider.

  • Size: Consider the total cooking space, which can run anywhere from 300 to 1,300 square inches. The size of the firebox is also important, which determines the charcoal that you can use. For how many people will you be cooking? How much space do you have in the backyard? These factors will affect your choice based on size.
  • Materials: This is important because it directly impacts the durability of the offset smoker. Choose a long-lasting material that can also retain heat well. Stainless steel is a common material of choice for the main body. The cooking grates, on the other hand, are often porcelain-coated.
  • Ease of Use: Look for features that will make it easy to use. It should also be effortless in terms of care and maintenance. It will be good if there is a built-in temperature gauge for ease of monitoring. An ash pan is also good for ease of clean-up.
  • Grates: Consider the number of grates available and its versatility. It will be good if the grates are removable so that you can customize the height based on what you will smoke.


From the materials to the features, there are different factors to consider when choosing the best offset smoker under 1000!

Price alone is not enough consideration as you narrow down the possibilities.

The worst thing that you can do is to buy an offset smoker only based on the price.

Make sure that you do not give up performance in exchange for the cost.  

Keep an eye on the brands and models listed above. For sure, you will not regret buying the products reviewed in this short guide.

Is there any other product you would like to add on our list? Do not hesitate to let us know your recommendations.

bookmark_borderPork Butt vs Pork Shoulder

At first glance, you may say that the argument concerning pork butt vs pork shoulder is not worth discussing for both terms are basically synonymous. Well, this reaction is pretty much understandable, considering that many people erroneously think that both terms refer to the same thing. Yet, this idea, however, of both being synonymous is also not totally right. Pork butt and pork shoulder may seem synonymous, but it is more proper to say that they are somewhat similar.

The pork butt and the pork shoulder are derived from the same part of the pig. They appear to be of the same cuts. Thus, more often, many people mistake them to be synonymous with each other. Yet, there are significant differences between the two, and these differences are what we are going to discuss later.

Pork Butt and Pork Shoulder: What’s the Difference?

The main differences between pork shoulder and pork butt lie in their size, which part of the pig they are derived, their grain fibers, and how they are sold. As mentioned above, both cuts are taken from the upper part of the pig’s foreleg.

The pork butt is labeled “butt” because it comes from the thicker part of the foreleg. The pork shoulder, on the other hand, is labeled “shoulder” because it came from the triangular part of the foreleg which is thinner. Together, these two are what we commonly call the “whole pork shoulder.”

The upper part of the pig’s foreleg performs a lot of works which means that the muscle fibers within this area are tough and well-exercised.

Pork Butt

The pork butt or what we call “Boston Butt” refers to the rectangular cut of meat that you can buy from the meat store. It is characterized as being well-marbled with lots of fat from the top. As you cook the pork butt, its fat readily melts and provides awesome flavor to the meat.

The pork butt comes with many connective tissues and is best tenderized via slow cooking. You can buy the pork butt with its shoulder blade still attached. You should not cut the shoulder blade out for it could surely add flavor to the meat.

Pork Shoulder

The pork shoulder is taken just below the pork butt. It is situated at the foreleg’s top. It is also called “picnic shoulder” and “picnic ham.” But if the hock is not attached to it, it is called “pork shoulder.” You’ll notice that when you buy pork shoulder, it usually comes with the covering skin. Moreover, it is shaped like a triangle.

The pork shoulder is not expensive. It is derived from the part of the pig that is well-exercised and as such, it comes with rich flavor. However, it doesn’t have much fat marbling. Moreover, if you don’t cook it properly, you would end up rendering the meat very tough.

How to Cook Pork Shoulder?

The best way to cook pork shoulder is to subject it to a slow cooking process to tenderize it and eventually melt its fat. It is best cooked by stewing or braising. Yet, you can also bake or fry it. It is also nice to slice it before serving it. Additionally, in Asian cuisines, ground pork shoulder is usually added to meatloaf and meatballs for added flavor.

If you don’t want the extra crackling of the skin when you cook it, you can readily trim the skin off. If you want to cook it as a whole cut, you can thaw it for 30 minutes before cooking. You can then cook it slow using a slow cooker or an oven. It is also advisable to cook it at 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

The older instructions, of course, said that you need to cook it at 160 degrees Fahrenheit, though this was altered by the USDA in 2011. You should also allow the meat at least 3 minutes outside the oven before you slice it.

Final Words

Let’s finally address the shoulder vs pork butt dilemma. We could say that both are from the same part of the pig. Pork shoulder, however, appears better when cooked whole, and when sliced before served. On the other hand, pork butt is best for other recipes and making pulled pork wherein its meat falls apart. Lastly, both are really great cuts and could be used interchangeably.

bookmark_borderBest Twin Memory Foam Mattress For All Sleeping Positions

Commonly, people would ask for a memory foam mattress each time they buy a new mattress. Considering that a memory foam mattress comes with multiple advantages, it should also be an excellent choice for you. The memory foam mattresses generally are comfortable, durable, and still feature good ventilation. The best part is that they support sleepers of different positions. As a result, we want to look at the best twin memory foam mattresses that you can buy today.

Perfect Cloud Hybrid 11-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress combines two technologies into one. It is because it features the use of pocket coil springs and memory foam. As a result, the mattress remains both comfortable and supportive at the same time. The coil springs also eliminate motion transfer thanks to their impressive construction. You get it having up to 630 individually wrapped coils to avoid any noise coming from the mattress.

The durability is also excellent as the manufacturer uses premium memory foam. It is not just durable, but also soft to feel and touch. The plush memory foam should make it ideal for comfort. Still, it is gel-infused to make it better in terms of ventilation. You can now sleep better.


  • It is highly comfortable
  • It offers a premium cover
  • It comes with coil springs to avoid motion transfer


  • A few divided opinions on having a coil spring base

Ultimate Dreams Twin Size Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress

You cannot go wrong with this mattress as it comes with quality memory foam as a top layer. The layer features a medium firmness that makes it good for support. Not everyone wants a hard, firm mattress that might leave you with more aches in the morning. With this one, it is able to offer the important support you need to relieve any pressure points.

The best part about buying the mattress is that it is affordable in comparison to competitors. With up to 12-inches in terms of thickness, it should offer all the support that you need. Still, it is able to last for long. It will take several years before you can go through 12 inches of memory foam.

The use of gel memory foam promises to deliver on better ventilation. As a result, those who use it agree that it feels cooler when sleeping on the mattress.


  • It is a highly durable mattress
  • The top layers provide the best support that you need
  • It is a comfortable mattress to use for years


  • There is no much information about its warranty

GhostBed Mattress Twin 11-inches Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

To make it unique and better, the mattress is made by using three types of foam so that you can end up with a perfect combination of foams. Well, the types of foam include continuous aerated latex, cooling gel memory foam, and high-density support foam. The result is that you now have a plush mattress that still offers the best comfort. The same thing applies to the cover which is durable and easy to remove for washing.

Having a superior gel foam for cooling should make it a comfortable place to sleep all the time. You will love that it does also leave you well rested and relaxed in the morning thanks to the support that it offers. Being a memory foam, we know that it will wrap around your body, giving it the necessary support that it needs.

The materials used in making the mattress are not just comfortable but also durable. The next time you want to enjoy a durable mattress, then this should be your top consideration.


  • It offers superb quality
  • The memory foam offers good breathability and cooling
  • It is a durable mattress


  • Lack of springs might lead to motion transfer


As much as memory foam technology is not new, we still appreciate how it revolutionized the mattress industry. More people are now comfortable buying these mattresses, knowing they will provide the best comfort, durability, and better performance over the years. If you ever want to sleep better and feel relaxed the next morning, then consider getting yourself an excellent memory foam mattress today.

bookmark_borderHow to Build a Pellet Smoker

A pellet smoker can be a nice way for you to enjoy a nice cookout with your family and friends. Sometimes, it might be your desire to have a home built smoker rather than buying one from a store. In such a case, you will have to get handy with your tools to come up with the best pellet smoker. That is what we want to look at in this guide on how to build a pellet smoker.


Here are some of the tools and supplies you will require to build your pellet smoker at home.

  • A 55-gallon drum
  • Reciprocating saw
  • A dishwasher detergent
  • Weed torch
  • Pressure washer
  • Paint
  • Handles
  • Drill
  • Metal caps
  • Pellet starter

Step by Step Guide

  • If the drum was previously used for other applications, then cleaning is necessary. Using a dishwashing detergent together with warm water, it should be possible to clean the oil from the drum. It should be a drum without a liner for better application later when heat is introduced.
  • Once the drum is effectively cleaned, then proceed to apply some heat to it. This helps to remove any more materials remaining inside and stripping the paint on the outside. A weed burner should be perfect for this job.
  • With the pressure wash, clean the drum for a few minutes to effectively wash down any of the debris that might be remaining in the drum. If you do not have access to a pressure washer, take it to a car wash for this step.
  • It is time to paint the drum by using the high temperature paints. Considering that the smoker will be working at a high temperature, the paint needs to be resistant to that. Also paint the lid and add some artistic touches to the drum.
  • Next, you have to coat the entire drum with cooking oil. This protects its surface from corroding in future. Add a bag of charcoal to the drum and light it. Let the charcoal smoke for a while. Once the drum has cooled, pick three spots on the bottom of the drum to make air holes. Make sure these holes are evenly spaced. Cover these holes with metal caps once you have drilled them out.
  • Place an old baking pan down and then followed by a pellet chimney starter. At the top, add the cast iron pan. This will act as the surface where you place your meat for smoking.
  • Close to the top of your drum, add four bolts and brackets at even spaces to hold the grill in place. Also, proceed to install the two handles on the lid so that you can have a colder surface when you need to open the lid. At this point, your DIY smoker is ready for use. Simply fill it with pellets and light them to get started.

Using Your Smoker

At this point, you are eager to start smoking your meat at home. There are a few things you have to consider before using the smoker. Here are some considerations.

  • Always choose the right cut of meat. The meat that you choose is going to affect the how the final smoked meat tastes. The meat should have a bit of fat content. This makes it great for smoking as the meat will absorb the flavors leaving you with a flavorful meat in the end.
  • The type of wood pellets that you pick can also impact the final taste of the meat. It is the reason you should select the best wood depending on your recipe. If you choose wisely, then you should end up with the best tasting smoked meat.
  • You have to manually check the temperature and estimate the cooking times. This is because it is a DIY pellet smoker, so it will not have a built-in thermometer. You can simply use a meat probe to check the internal temperature. Keep checking on the meat depending on the recipe you are cooking.


This is not the only way that you can build a pellet smoker. Depending on your skill, you can make it as diverse as possible. Also, it will depend on the supplies available to you. However, the method shared in this guide is what you need to make a basic smoker. As you can see, it is not hard at all. Just follow the steps and you should be good to start smoking your meat.

bookmark_borderHow to Use an Offset Charcoal Smoker?

If you want to take your cooking flavor to another level, you should use an offset smoker. but what is an offset smoker? Well, there are basically two types of smokers based on design. The first is the vertical smoker and the other one is the horizontal type of smoker of which the offset smoker belongs. How to use an offset charcoal smoker, however, is the subject matter of this article.

How to Use an Offset Charcoal Smoker

How Does the Offset Charcoal Smoker Work?

The use of offset charcoal smoker is different from that of the electric and gas-powered grillers or smokers. The reason for this is that there are several things that you need to know before you can perfectly cook food using the offset smoker. Moreover, this type of smoker is the most difficult to master. The trick, however, behind the mastery of the offset charcoal grills smoker is in how well you regulate the temperature of the cooking chamber.

The best offset smokers have that typical design of two chambers. One chamber, which is the larger chamber, is called the cooking chamber. The smaller chamber is the firebox where the fire is set. The heat and smoke from the firebox flow toward the cooking chamber, and slowly cook the food. However, the temperature within the cooking chamber fluctuates. Moreover, the temperatures across the cooking chamber’s area are not the same. Thus, keeping the temperature at a desirable constant requires vigilance on the user’s part.

Steps on Using the Offset Charcoal Smoker

Once you have the meat all set for smoking, you should then prepare the offset smoker for use. The following are the simple steps that you need to follow:

Set the Fire in the Firebox!

The use of charcoal is the best method of firing up the offset smoker. Once the coals heat up and burn, you can then add wood or log. You can also use the chimney starter. The use of chimney starter is quick and easy. It is a cylindrical metal with a grate at the bottom or near the bottom along with many air vents on its sides. With its use, you will be ready to cook in less than 15 minutes.

Once the charcoals are already burning, you can dump them onto the firebox. You should dump them on the far side of the firebox so that you don’t need to reach out frequently when tending the fire. Then, you should place two pieces of logs onto the firebox near the burning charcoal but not on top of the charcoal to dry out the logs.

Once dried out, you can then place the logs on top of the charcoal. Wait then for the temperature to come up. Then, place another standby log onto the firebox to dry it out. Every time you put a dried-out log onto the charcoal, make sure that you have another log on the standby. Just keep the vents and the door of the firebox open while you wait for the temperature to come up.

Keep the Temperature Regulated!

The most difficult aspect of using offset smoker is the regulation of the heat. The cooking chamber needs to be kept at the ideal temperature. If you only want to do hot smoking, you should keep the temperature of the cooking chamber between 126 to 176 °F. But if you want to do some smoke roasting, you need to keep the temperature of the chamber at 250 °F and above.

To get the temperature right, you need to have a reliable thermometer that could give you the exact temperature of each part of the cooking chamber. Probe the temperature at the grate level. Keep the vent of the firebox about 1/3 open. Adjust the vents as needed. There are some factors too that may affect the cooking chamber’s temperature such as the wind, temperature of the outside, and other factors. You should also check the smoke because it may be indicative of what is happening inside the firebox and the cooking chamber.

If the temperature of the cooking chamber goes down, add another dried-up log to the firebox. Lastly, don’t make huge adjustments of the vents at a time. How to use an offset charcoal smoker is easy as long as you know the important tips and steps on how to go about in using it.