InSinkErator Badger Vs Evolution: Which Should You Pick?

Although the badger and evolution models come from the same company, they both have different capabilities. Understanding how each one of them works should help you make up your mind. So, what makes them good and different. Let us check out the comparison below.

Grinding technology

To be the best garbage disposal it needs to have the best grinding technology. In the Evolution model, you will find that it comes with a multi-grind technology. With this type of technology, the model is able to grind the food waste into finer particles as compared to the badger models. The badger models come with a single stage grinding technology.

With the multigrind technology, it will be easy to wash down the fine food waste pulp. Thanks to such technology, you should find the evolution series being more popular.

The Evolution Compact model has three grind stages while the Evolution Excel model comes with two grind stages.

The power

The power of any garbage disposal is based on the horsepower generated by the motor. Both models shine when it comes to the power that they generate. The badger comes with a motor delivering ½ horsepower while the Evolution series has the ¾ horsepower. It is no brainer that the evolution models will always be more powerful.

Well, both can run on a 120 volt supply. Since the evolution disposals are more powerful, you can grind a lot more types of food waste at a much faster timeframe.

Noise level

Garbage disposals are not known for being the quietest appliances. You might be surprised at the noise level when you turn it on. To make the noise level lower, the Evolution models are equipped with the SoundSeal technology. It will have a lower operating noise as compared to the badger models. InSinkErator made the badger models with only a standard noise seal.

With excellent sound proofing, there is no doubt that more people would go for the evolution garbage disposals.

Dishwasher compatibility

When looking for a garbage disposal, sometimes you need one that allows for connecting to the dishwasher. Well, both the badger and evolution models allow for this connectivity. This should make them more functional and versatile.

The grind chamber and installation time

The evolution models feature a stainless steel grind chamber. This is better as you would not have to worry about rust. The same cannot be said for badger models. They tend to have their grind chambers rusted out easily. You will never have to experience such problems with an evolution model.

As for the mounting process, both models are relatively easy to install. This is because they both come with the quick lock mounting system. The system allows for quick installation even for newbies who have not installed a garbage disposal before.

The warranty

As much as these garbage disposals are from the same manufacturer, they have different warranty periods. The evolution models will come with a warranty period of 4 to 7 years. The badger models on the other hand have a warranty of 1 to 3 years.

The price

From the various features we have discussed above, it is easy to establish that badger models are for those on a budget. They are cheaper and still offer great features. For those who do not have budget limitations, then you can go for the evolution series. Although they are expensive, they will live up to your expectations for the price.


Both models are good in terms of features. The evolution series stands out as the better model, although you will have to pay more for the additional performance. As much as the evolution series might be better, the badger model is still good for the price and performance. You should expect to end up with great garbage disposal regardless of what you choose.

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